Family Holidays


During the summer holidays we offer a family holiday with a difference! Come and enjoy a week of Adventure, Excitement or Relaxation the choice is yours! For three weeks we open our doors to the public to allow them the experience enjoyed by so many residential groups, with a few subtle differences!

During the week you have the opportunity to do as little or as many activities as you like! Provided in the price are 11 main activities and 7 evening entertainments as well as 20 meals and 7 nights accommodation! You can choose to opt in or out of any of these, its your holiday the choice is yours! If the parents wish to spend the day on the beach or out sight seeing whilst the children are enjoying the activities that's fine. If the family want to spend some quality time together on one of our amazing activities that's fine as well!

Family holidays are relaxed and you can choose to do what you wish. Each day a differing list of activities is available and you simply choose which if any you would like to do. If the whole family all wish to do a differing activity again that's fine and you can meet up at lunch time to catch up and tell each other all about it!

All of our wonderful activities are available numerous times throughout the week so you could spend the week at our surf school everyday or take the opportunity to try new things and experience a new activity every session, its your adventure!

The prices and dates are listed below and if you would like any further information please don't hesitate to contact us by any of the available methods. We truly believe that our family holidays provide excellent value for money and once you have experienced a holiday with us you will return time and time again!

Family Holiday Dates 2020

25th July - 1st August 2020 - £350 p.p.

1st August - 8th August 2020 - £350 p.p.

8th August - 15th August 2020 - £350 p.p.

For more information regarding holidays for families please see the information sheets available to download below or contact the centre.

We Hope To See You Next Year!

Unaccompanied Activity Holidays

Unaccompanied Holidays are back for 2020!

As with the family holidays Unaccompanied holidays run from a Saturday to the following Saturday allowing you to enjoy a full week with us! Unaccompanied weeks will run exactly the same as our family holidays but with our instructors taking the place of the responsible adult ensuring that your child is supervised 24 hours a day.

As a parent / guardian you can rest assured that your child will be constantly supervised whilst they are with us. They will meet their tutor for the week upon their arrival on Saturday and they will be their immediate point of call when not taking part in the main activity sessions. During these activities a number of our fully trained and qualified staff will be on hand to take them on the activity of their choice. Their tutor will then be with them for the rest of the day ensuring they have the best possible experience during the evening activities and entertainments. Tutors also make sure the children are eating well and that they get their all important sleep to ensure they can make the most of the next hectic day of adventure. During the night time period the tutor will be in an adjacent room in order to be there to help with the getting in and out of bed and for any issues which may arise during the night.

If you have any concerns at all please don't hesitate to contact us at the centre to discuss them.

Unaccompanied Dates 2020

25th July - 1st August 2020 - £450 p.p.

1st August - 8th August 2020 - £450 p.p.

8th August - 15th August 2020 - £450 p.p.

For more information see the unaccompanied holiday's information sheets available to download below or contact us!

We hope to hear from you soon!


Family Booking Form (PDF)

Family Booking Form (DOC)

Family Activity Holidays Brochure (PDF)

Unaccompanied Booking Form (PDF)

Unaccompanied Booking Form (DOC)

Unaccompanied Information (PDF)

You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here . . .

Sample Weekly Programme

Below is a sample programme for the Family and Unaccompanied Holidays. Remember this is just to give you an idea of what is available the choice is YOURS!

Early AM Activities AM Activities PM Activities Evening Activities Evening Entertainments
Saturday Check In Beach Visit Meet & Mix Disco
Sunday Bude Visit Welcome Meeting Team Trail Disco / Astro Games
Monday Swim or Run High Ropes Surfing Crabbing Karaoke / Film
Tuesday Swim or Run Kayaking Mountain Boarding Caving Fancy Dress / Parachute Games
Wednesday Swim or Run Climbing Canoeing Beach Games Talent Night / Film
Thursday Swim or Run Mountain Boarding Body Boarding Astro Games Just Dance / Film
Friday Swim or Run Surfing Mountain Bike BBQ Supper Presentation Night
Saturday Check Out

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